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Let me tell you our story! My name is Manuel Schuett and I am the son of Alessandra Fabbri and Roland Schuett, both longtime hoteliers. I remember my mom's many stories about the Esmeralda boarding house at the eighth cross street, it belonged to my grandparents, who together with her and my uncles with so much passion and sacrifice helped to make famous the myth of Romagna's friendliness and hospitality. I remember just as well the slides my father would project on the living room wall at Christmas time showing us the places around the world where he worked as a hotel and restaurant manager: New York, Germany, Switzerland, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Virginia, the United Kingdom and finally in the first hotel my parents took together in '71: The "Schiller" . They got married the day before the hotel opened, and the next day it was already full. In 1981 they decided to take the plunge and buy a small hotel, the Arcadia, half-abandoned on the fifth street, overlooking the sea and the most beautiful park in Milano Marittima. After renovating and expanding it became The Golf and Beach Hotel. This Hotel to me and my twin brother Oliver saw us born and grow until we said goodbye in 2010, the year we both finished our university studies. That same year we began our career path in tennis, a sport that along with others has always accompanied our family. I can say that working in hotels every summer on the Riviera Romagnola since you are a child has several aspects: on the one hand you see all your friends who after the school term is over are free to enjoy their vacations and go to the beach (while you are at the hotel helping your parents); on the other hand, however, you learn what sacrifice and perseverance is for a job, you come into contact with many people, you learn to understand the wishes of others , to be friendly and kind even in uncomfortable situations; you learn to juggle many jobs and above all you learn to love this place: Milano Marittima, its traverses, its pine trees, its beach, salt marshes, trabucchi, waterfront, nightlife, food the people and so many other things that make this corner of the world incredible.

In the 10 years I spent teaching tennis in Ferrara and Modena province first and foremost (but also in Australia, and Germany and many parts of the world) there was no occasion when I did not find time to return home to Milano Marittima. I have been lucky enough to travel and see many places, Australia, Latin America, Central America, Asia Africa, Russia and Europe but Romagna always remains Romagna, my home. In this regard my friend Mattia would tell me :" L'ha scupèrt l'America!"

And now...? I would like to make my experiences, my lifestyle, my ideas, my hotel an opportunity for those who would like to come and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Milano Marittima, in my land; a chance to combine relaxation on the beach with an hour of tennis with me, to blend a cool aperitif by the pool with a reading of one of the many travel books we provide, to combine a night out clubbing with an 'excellent breakfast in the morning in our quiet garden, of combining a start to a day at the beach with an afternoon discovering the wonderful places around us, of marrying sports relaxation and fun, of making the Golf & Beach hotel much more than a bed and breakfast, not just a vacation but an experience, because it is the hotelier who makes the hotel and not vice versa.

Golf & Beach Hotel by Manuel Schuett

Address: Piazzale Torino 18, 48015, Milano Marittima (RA)
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